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A lesson: New Year in Lewes

Hey everyone and Happy New Year! It’s taken me a while, but here it comes, New Year in Lewes.

Right here cometh the lesson, what you will need:

1-     Your old local pub (The Volunteer, Lewes)

2-     A great band (Hendrix tribute band, Dolly Dagger)

3-     Fancy Dress / Costumes (Robin Hood, Gypsy Pirate, Pixie and Popeye among others)

4-     Your Canon EOS 400D and brand new Diana F+ cameras

5-     Alcohol

6-     Lastly, and most importantly, some of the most interesting characters Lewes has to offer, including your beautiful girlfriend!

Well, to be honest I think I’m just going to let the pictures tell the story from here on in! Enjoy!

The Volunteer Team: The Gypsy Pirate, The Pixie, Popeye the Sailorman and the Bunny Barmaid











Chrissie (The Landlady) and Popeye stealing ‘Spinach’

Dolly Dagger get The Volunteer in the New Year mood











The Gypsy Pirate and Popeye and The Pixie and I don’t know what!











The Barmaids steal Robin Hood’s (My) bow and arrows!!











The Incredible Dancing Man (IDM, if you know Lewes you know him!) and my Diana F+ with the Gypsy Pirate

Wonder where she got that black eye?

Air Guitar!!











They all bow to IDM and Quinn the Pirate











The Pixie takes over the drums and The Gypsy Pirate meets Dolly Dagger’s guitarist

The Bunny Barmaid (Landlady), The Pixie and the Tap Dancer











The Gypsy Pirate gets excited by her champaign and IDM walking off with his costume medal











Pixie likes to jump!











The three barmaids enjoying themselves! 🙂

The Gypsy Pirate and the Pixie and my first Blipfoto entry 🙂

Bunny Barmaid has had enough, she was off to bed! Not sure what Gypsy Pirate was up to here!

Gypsy Pirate (Naomi) doing something strange again!

And here endith the lesson!! Happy New Year everyone!

The shots I took with my Diana F+ will be around soon, I’ll let you know when they’re ready.

In 2011 I’m planning on attempting to Blog once a fortnight, but don’t hold me to it!

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